Vipup - upgrade the snake


Vipup is used to help you upgrade the fedora version under your Viperr distro.

Generally upgrade go well and a system not to messy, some adjustment may be attended to make it just ready to bite.

Here an example of what can be done to upgrade from Viperr 9 to the lastest pre release version of Viperr X

#Tool name -

echo "Consider to do the necessary backup before fucking things up"
read -p "Are You ready to upgrade ? type yes in UPPER CASE : " yes
if [[ "$yes" = YES ]] ; then
        read -p "Your system'll reboot after a few moment, press enter to start the process" p
        echo "upgrade the system"
        dnf upgrade -y --refresh
        echo " install the migration tools" ; sleep 2
        dnf install -y dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
        echo "download your futur release base on fedora" ; sleep 2
        dnf -y system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=27
        echo "upgrade your system to the next fedora, for your next viperr please wait us after this" ; sleep 2
        dnf system-upgrade reboot